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Temanggung is one of the regencies in Central Java Province. The city is known as "Tobacco City", where most of the residents work as tobacco farmers. However, besides being famous for it's tobacco plants, Temanggung is also famous as a coffee-producing area. Quality coffee brings Temanggung coffee to become a global coffee. This is evidenced by Temanggung coffee which is able to win in the contest of coffee both at the national and international levels. Why is that? What's so special about this coffee?


CV Semilir Jaya Abadi is one of the best coffee suppliers in Temanggung, Central Java. provides various kinds of coffee for domestic and export needs, including Robusta coffee, Arabica coffee and Ekselsa coffee, in the form of green beans, roasted and powdered.

Arabica & Robusta

Exclusive Planted Coffee

Robusta coffee from Temanggung is very popular in countries in Europe, Japan and the Middle East and other countries. Robusta coffee from Temanggung is said to be a luxury item that almost dominates the world coffee market. In addition to its bitter taste and high caffeine content, Robusta coffee has other unique features such as the sour aroma like Arabica and the spicy sensation and chocolate taste. No wonder Robusta coffee is in great demand even worldwide. Moreover, this coffee has won many coffee competitions. Robusta coffee has been protected with a Geographical Indication (IG) certificate since 2016.

Arabica Coffee (Coffee Arabica) is one of the plantation crops which is the leading export product in Indonesia. More specifically, this plantation crop is a leading commodity in Temanggung Regency. The potential of the Arabica coffee area in Temanggung is spread across several sub-districts which are located in the areas of Mount Prau, Mount Sindoro, and Mount Sumbing.



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All Grade


All Grade

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Made from Arabica coffee beans from the Temanggung mountains with an altitude above 1000 meters above sea level and processed properly so that it makes the distinctive taste of Temanggung Arabica


Made from robusta coffee beans selected from the Temanggung mountains with an altitude above 700 meters above sea level and processed properly so that it makes the distinctive taste of Temanggung robusta with the aroma of spices, palm sugar, cocoa, and fruits.

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